More than R40-billion pension funds unclaimed in South Africa Click Here to Download Free forms

More than R40-billion pension funds unclaimed in South Africa Click Here to Download Free forms
There is more than R40-billion in unclaimed benefits in the pensions system, according to the Financial Services Board. It is estimated that there are at least 4.5-million people in South Africa and beyond, who have not been paid pensions, either for themselves or for their dependents. Empowerment Projects South Africa is looking for hundreds of people in South Africa who used to work in a public sector, mining, private sector and Government employees pension fund, who left their previous jobs without claiming their pensions funds or their retirement funds. There is a lot of unclaimed pension fund and we are willing to help the beneficiaries of these funds free of charge as part of black empowerment projects. There are many reasons why billions of rands are still unclaimed. These include the failure of employers and funds to provide information about benefits, poor administration, the fact that many foreign workers who are owed benefits leave the country soon after their work permits expire, the failure of members to inform their dependants that they can claim benefits on their death, and the failure of funds to trace members. Out duty is to help and inform the beneficiaries to claim their benefits. To trace or check if you have any unclaimed benefits from your previous employers, Please Click here to download the Retirement Fund Enquiry Form.

Friday, April 6, 2018

100% Free Self-Help Service Portal on How to Claim your Unclaimed or Unpaid Pension or Retirement Funds Benefits

Are you one of these people who own a portion of the R56+ Billion of unclaimed or unpaid pension and retirement funds benefits in the Republic of South Africa? If so, we can help you claim what’s yours right now.Register for Free and Click here to Download the FREE Process and Procedure Information Document Form on how to claim your portion here: and Or Download the 3 required forms below:
The Financial Services Board (FSB) has moved to clarify its efforts to resolve the ballooning problem of unclaimed pension benefits, even as civil society campaigners step up a drive to help workers to reclaim billions owed to them. By 2016, more than R42-billion in unclaimed benefits had been amassed in the pensions system, the FSB said at a media roundtable earlier this week. About R7.6-billion is held in specially created unclaimed benefits preservation funds, and about R34.7-billion is held in occupational funds, or retirement funds, created by employers for their employees and which are active. The amount of money unclaimed by beneficiaries began to rise dramatically from about 2010, with a sharp leap between 2013 and 2014, FSB data shows. Members of the public who would like to know if there are any possible unclaimed benefits due to them can Download the RETIREMENT FUND ENQUIRY FORM here: For more information on the FSB’s unclaimed pension or retirement funds benefits search process and procedure Download the Process Information form here: Download Frequent Ask Question Document Here: NB. Please note that we cannot offer direct assistance, to help you resolve the specific administrative problems related to your claim. We do not have the resources to do so, or the authority to intervene on your behalf. However, a professional service with a 99% success rate has the experience to offer you the guidance, advice and help you need while, of course, avoiding scams. If you need help for downloading the form or you have any question, please e-mail us without hesitation: or Copy and Paste this to your email address and send: