Aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs Small Start-up Business Expo!

Aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs Small Start-up Business Expo!
Small Start-up Business Expo is the nation's largest and most anticipated business-to-business trade show, conference and networking event of the year. Our mission is to help Aspiring Youth Entrepreneurs, small business owners and potential entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by bringing some of the brightest minds and best companies from around the nation together. Attendees can learn about products and services, network with other industry professionals, connect first-hand with some of the largest companies in the nation, attend informative and cutting-edge workshops, and much more. So, whether you are the owner or an employee for a startup or a long-established company, the Small Business Expo has the right resources to help you and your business grow. Register the above picture to view our website

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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